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World’s First Auto Fire Vehicle EXTINGUISHER

why CAR AFE?

Introducing World's First Magnetic Auto Fire Proof Car Extinguisher

Engine Fire Emergencies cause 85% of the vehicle accidents every year causing loss of property, life and most importantly loved ones. Although traditional fire-fighting equipment is mandatory in vehicles either it is neglected or difficult to use. Thus, leaving your loved ones and your car’s safety to chance. Not anymore.


Auto Fire Car Extinguisher

Brandsdaddy is proud to be leading the industry with our advanced and unique CAR auto fire extinguishing products. Our mission is to help reduce the number of preventable fires from getting out of hand – or even worse, deadly. That’s why our CAR auto fire extinguishing fire safety product line is designed to be a first line of defense against fires in an effort to stop them from spreading in their initial stages.

You don’t have to be around in order to use our CAR auto fire extinguishing, and the flat, narrow design of the CAR auto fire extinguishing is ideal for narrow spaces. Contact us today to learn more about our CAR auto fire extinguishing products and about distribution opportunities.


ECO Friendly

leaves no residue

non toxic

automatic activation

easy installation

no cleanup cost

flexible design

for a,B,c,e Tye fire

no maintenance

Self Manufacturing Facility

When & Where to Use The CAR Auto Fire Extinguisher

We had one thing in mind when designing the CAR auto fire extinguisher – we wanted this fire safety product to be small enough to fit in the spaces our round fire extinguishing ball couldn’t. The slim, square shape of the CAR auto fire extinguisher makes it the perfect solution for any area or room you could think of.

You can use our the CAR auto fire extinguisher for the following uses :

Not sure if you could benefit from a CAR auto fire extinguisher? Well, are there any spaces in your home you believe are more prone to fires than others? Think your kitchen, rooms with a lot of electronics, etc. Any space where a fire could spark and spread is a space where a CAR auto fire extinguisher is ideal. Contact us today to learn more about our mission.

How to use the CAR Auto Fire Extinguisher

Our CAR Auto Fire Extinguisher is most popularly used in its “set it and forget it” setting, which means it will self-activate whether you’re around or not. It can also be used for fire emergencies and can be thrown directly in the area of the fire to help extinguish it.

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Brandsdaddy Car AFE


The CAR auto fire extinguisher is a smaller, more compact version of our traditional fire extinguisher, and it was designed to be used on desks and in smaller spaces. You can count on this fire safety device to release its non-toxic fire extinguishing chemicals within 3 to 10 seconds of fire exposure.

Technical Parameters

Fire Types

The CAR auto fire extinguisher can help extinguishing A, B, C, E and K class fires, and this fire safety product is in conformity with EU standards.

Packaging Details

Unrivaled 3-Year Warranty

Our goal is to ensure you’re well-protected – no matter what. That’s why we offer a five-year warranty for our CAR auto fire extinguisher. With half a decade of guaranteed protection, you can ensure your CAR auto fire extinguisher is always working as it’s supposed to. No maintenance or servicing required.