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The spirit of Brandsdaddy comprises the core values that will be contributing to its exceptional success and brand equity. Effort to engrain the spirit has been refined from experiences of the promoters to overcome challenges during a company’s development. Brandsdaddy Customer Services Pvt Ltd, from the very first day, will learn to respect individuality, innovation and teamwork. This is the source of invincible spiritual strength which has brought about success after success to so many reknowned brands across the world. This spirit is the soul of Brandsdaddy.



Versatile Model

Our R&D cell always monitors trends and creates innovative new products – this ensures that we pre-empt customers needs and change them to desires before they know it. Our flexible spaces let us seamlessly weave into any location to utilize the purpose and targets set specifically for that format.


High Sales

Being one of the leading brand with range of innovative product in market & with the highest returns on invest ment, our technique becomes path-breaking and our ROI is typically within 12 months. 


Brand Presence

We understand the customer base across changing geographies and diverse mindset and aggressively align our marketing to serve the numbers. Our design and PR team understand the dynamic tastes and preference and adapt accordingly to achieve high sales and brand



Our exceptional standards and competitive pricing, cannot easily be matched. Our professional and highly competent team ensures an efficient operations and system control and an excessive training system. Our partnership and alliances with the best in the business help us bring to the global platform,our A-game.


Our Legacy

Being one of the first manufacturer premium brand to originate from India, we understand what it means to change with the times. Today,Brandsdaddy is leading brand in Go Green Products (Fuel Saver & Fire Ball) in terms of quality, branding & visual appeal making it not trendy but also a premium aspirational brand.


Qualities for an ideal franchise partner


We are proud of our business ethics and it is imperative that a franchisee has the same set of values.

Business Acumen

The franchisee should have a sound understanding of the local market, along with basic business acumen.


An ideal franchisee is one who is willing to spend time at the outlet and contribute to its success.

Prior Experience

While not a necessity, we prefer a franchisee who has prior experience in the food sector be established.

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