When AFE is HERE then why FEAR


Presenting Automatic Fireball - The world’s first extinguisher that does a firefighter’s job and more.

The Brandsdaddy AFE is a futuristic product that takes firefighting to a level the world has yet to experience. Fire? The extinguisher, powered with MAP 90, is made for firefighting. Just aim it at the flames and it’s ready to go.


Brandsdaddy Came with a Solution

Now Any Body Can Douse Fire

Traditional Problem Vs
New Age Solution

Have you ever recognized that 90% of ordinary people cannot use fire-extinguishing equipment when they are facing a real Fire situation. Are you one of those people, who have found themselves unable to use fire extinguishing equipment in real fire situation because of the following reasons.

Lack of Training

People lack training on proper effective use.

Getting Close to Fire

You need to get close to the fire and are exposed to smoke and heat problems.

Bulky Tanks

Tank is bulky and heavy weight makes it difficult to use properly.


You panic when facing the fire, causing yourself to forget how to use the equipment.

Light Weight

BD Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball is Light weight less than 1.5 kg, even women, children and elderly people can use it easily


No need to get close to the fire. The outward driving force from acvaon of the AFE ball does not harm to human and environment.

Conforms to ISI Standards

Meets and conforms to ISI standards material

Works on all classes of Fire

In a fire situaon, there is no me to think about which exnguisher to use on which kind of fire. Brandsdaddy Fireball can be used on any kind of fire, making it a truly versale firefighter

Maintenance Free

Fireball does not require refilling and maintenance for 5 years.

Easy To Use

Easy use - Just throw it into the fire or install it in any fire risk areas. No need to get close to the fire.

Self Activate

Since the Fireball can be self-actuated, it enables safe evacuaon, eliminates the fire and stands guard at high fire risk areas


Non-toxic to the environment. Brandsdaddy Auto Fire Extinguishing Ball is made from human and environmental friendly materials.

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Where it can be Instaled?

Any Visible Areas

Fire Extinguishing Ball can be placed on a shelf top, tabletop, along the hallway or any visible area of easy access.

High Risk Areas

Fire Extinguishing Ball is best mounted in high risk areas such as kitchens, electrical circuit breakers, overloaded electrical outlets, or near fireplaces.

You can use our Brandsdaddy AFE for the following uses :

How AFE Auto Fireball Works?

AFE AUTOMATIC FIRE BALL as a Fire Extinguisher: Powered by MAP 90, the highest form of ABC powder used for firefighting. Designed to engage in seconds to battle the flames. Easy to carry, it allows you to get to the scene of the fire quickly and use it effectively. In its simplest form, Brandsdaddy AFE is a thorough firefighter. All you need to do is Simply thrown into a fire, it will activate within 5-10 seconds and effectively disperse extinguishing chemicals and Fireball takes care of the rest.

Active Use

Throwing Fire Extinguishing Ball into the fire – When a fire erupts, take the nearest available Fire Extinguishing Ball and simply throw it into the fire. The ball will naturally fall into the base of the flame, where it is most needed, and activate within 5 seconds. No need to pull pins, or to get close to the fire. No special training or skills required.

Passive Use

Self Activating Mount One of the great benefits of Fire Extinguishing Ball is the fact that it can self activate in the presence of fire when no-one is present. If positioned in the appropriate high-risk area where most fires are likely to start, it will self activate upon reaching the appropriate temperature and extinguish the fire. No special training or skills required.

Technical Parameters



Weight of extinguishing powder mixture

1.3 +/- 0.2 Kg

Total weight of the agent

1.5 +- 0.2 Kg


4.0 g


147 mm

Warning Audio Signal

120 dB (Impulse Noise)

Activation time

3-10 sec with flame

Effective extinguish area

1.3 g - 3 cubic meter