Giving back is always JOYFUL

Shree Sai Knowledge Centre

The origin of the idea was to create a business concept that will be sustainable and will be responsible towards the stakeholders, staff members, clients and consumers as a part of the large community that our business is going to impact.

The argument between proponents, of the concept of corporate social responsibility, and its critics were unable to become an impediment in our goal to include the environment and the public sphere in our responsibility.

No wonder, SSKC emerged as a primary manifestation of our pledge towards fulfilling our goal of CSR. As an imperative element of the business and its extended mission, SSKC will mainly cater to the growing needs of rural India creating employment and efficient work force that will stretch the scope of Brandsdaddy‘s market to the remotest corner of the country and at the same time provide adequacy for these deprived corners of India; Taking major chunk of the population into an environment which will teach them to take initiative, equip them with technology, train them to be professionals and launch them into the world of consumerism, in its classical sense.

SSKC, the shrine of knowledge of Brandsdaddy, will be managed under direct supervision of the founder and CEO. His commitment to work for his roots is the driving force of this project and will impart the all important aspect of our company’s vision – give your best to human hood & social hood – which he learned from his guiding light and protector – Shree Shirdi Sai.

SSKC, which will train candidates in sales, marketing at all potential locations of Rural India, would also provide for constituting 70% of Brandsdaddy‘s workforce.

Our goal is to have 500 strong team by 2025 from SSKC.